Last year I started taking English class with Ms. Melody. I was struggling in English, especially in writing. I was really surprised of her teaching. She absolutely understood what I wanted. I had too much fun with her and I love English more. I am just speechless of her kindness. I think I will continue taking with her even if my language is excellent because I like talking with her. God bless you, Ms. Melody.


Melody is the best teacher I have ever seen. She helps me a lot to improve my English. I really have spent some very enjoyable time with her. She knows how to teach you and understands your feelings when you feel upset about language. But, she keeps encouraging you until you get your goal.


After I met Melody, my English just started to get better and better. Always, after class, I was feeling like an American because you can feel that in her classroom. She just gives you confidence and if you make a mistake, she has the solution. I just want to say thank you for teaching me.


I am really grateful to you for not only teaching my children English but being a good role model for them. Both of them love you and look up to you very much. Your endless passion for teaching and learning new languages encouraged my kids a lot. You are one of the best English teachers I’ve ever met. You understand language learning can be painful and need never-ending efforts but you also know how to make the tedious learning process fun and exciting.


I wish I could stay in the U.S.A but I couldn’t. I miss you . I miss Kai and Bono too. You are the best teacher I ever met.


Melody, it has been a pleasure to be your student. In spite of having taken few classes, I learned a lot of important topics to improve my skills. Definitively, you are an excellent English teacher. Your methodology and passion for teaching is highly effective and unique.


Melody is the best teacher. She has a lot of useful resources and experiences, and she knows well how to use them for students. During a class, she is cheerful, but she always try to find something she can help students to enhance English skill. It seems to me that she feels pleasure when she can help students. That is why I think she is the best.


Studying English with Melody has been an amazing experience for me. She has not only provided me with the opportunity to gain a high level of competence in English, but also has allowed me to learn a new culture and way of life, and to rise to my full potential in a warm and caring learning environment. Melody does not offer a fixed curriculum, instead, she provides an optimized and personalized curriculum, ensuring a quality education for every student. Also, she is a joyful, polite, and kind person, being devoted to and diligent in whatever she does. In short, Melody is the best!


Some people don’t like English, but learn it because it is necessary. Learning with Melody is more than just memorization and repeating verbs, it is learning about the culture, our feelings and ourselves. This class is really great. Tuesday or Thursday when the regular school day is over, I felt so happy and feel excited to go to your class. Thank you, Melody!